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Riverside arms double barrel shotgun 1914

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Pat April 20 1915. Lewis patent # 1,136,246 awarded April 20th, 1915 and is better known as the Stevens model 311 except with less refined finish and hardwood stocks in lieu of the. 00 $8. . 410. A Riverside is a company "Trade Brand Name" for a Stevens made shotgun. There appears to be no deep pitting, but there are rust spots on the metal. . . ltauras; Jan 29, 2022; 2. Any help would be appreciated. 315 and a hammer double No. 00. A) Riverside Arms Double Barrel Shotgun. All doubleguns & SxS double rifles at doublegunshop. It is marked with a 1914 patent date and was made in Chicopee Falls, Mass. . > Double-Barrel Shotguns Double-Barrel Shotguns Courtesy William Hammond Brand name used by J. . . ltauras; Jan 29, 2022; 2. 54: 76 Ithaca: 37 pump: 16 ga 77: Savage 24V: break. From $100 to $1,600. Riverside Arms Company Double Barrel Shotgun 1914 is best in online store. . Trigger w/ Spring & Pin. 00. These were very popular. Just an FYI, in case anybody else comes along looking for parts for this gun, I found a site that has parts for "Riverside Double Barrel Shotgun". 54 they had introduced a 20-gauge version called the No. Gauge hammer less double barrel. Riverside Arms DBL Barrel Firing Pin Guide #C520. Manufactured in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. 410). Stevens Arms Co. only kept the No. 00. . $8. Bores in Good Condition. . 1) Riverside Arms Co. Riverside Arms is a trade name of the J. L. The guy at the gun show. 762X. . met_scrip_pic not games google drive.

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